10 questions to ask when creating a kitchen design

Get answers about the best questions to ask before planning your design.

Have a new kitchen design or renovation on the horizon? If you’re not sure what to focus on and what you shouldn’t have to worry about, Trilogy can help. In our experience, one of the best ways to start the process is by asking yourself some key questions.

Here are 10 questions to ask when creating a kitchen design:

  1. What kind of “flow” do you need in your layout? When creating a kitchen design, it’s important to consider the flow of traffic. For example, a dead-end galley kitchen may not work for a busy family with kids running around. Or you may want your kitchen to have a door directly into the garage so you can unload groceries easily from the car to the fridge. Think about how you’d like to move through the space before finalizing the layout! 

  2. How much storage do you need? While floating shelves often replace cabinets on the style scene lately, many households require a bit more hidden store space for dishes and other essentials. Balance aesthetics and functionality in your design to ensure you have enough room for your stuff.

  3. What kind of lighting do you want? When choosing lighting for your new kitchen, determine how many light sources you need and where they should go. You don’t want to be slicing carrots in the dark! Then, just pick your favorite style and color selections.

  4. How will you use your kitchen sink? Think carefully about placement and where you want it in the floor plan. Other things to consider are the style, height, and material. Some families enjoy a sink in the island, while others prefer closer to the window. Your plumbing options will also be a factor in this decision.

  5. What home design features would your kitchen benefit from? For example, if your retro KitchenAid stand mixer is competing for countertop space with your toaster, blender, and other gadgets, you might want a built-in appliance garage.
  6. What kind of stove is best for your cooking needs? If you’re a serious home chef, you may dream of a Viking gas range with a water spigot over the stove. For those who use the oven to store clothing, you might skip the fancy models for a simple induction cooktop.

  7. Do you need special window sills? If you love having a mini herb garden on the window sill above your sink (or frequently use it to store your dish sponge), be sure to choose something durable, like countertop material, to avoid water damage.

  8. What height should your countertops be? Depending on your height, determine if a tall, short, or standard-height countertop suits you best. You can also mix and match—like having your kitchen island shorter than the countertops if you spend a lot of time there crafting sweet treats and need a little more reach. *Bonus note: Countertop heights have changed a lot over the years, and what was standard in the 70s is considered short today. Bear this in mind when doing your research!

  9. What’s a good height for your microwave and other appliances? Think about space vs. function, and whether you need your microwave to be on the wall, above the stove, or somewhere else. Some homeowners prefer to have a wall-mounted stove hood/microwave combo, while others might want their microwave built into a cabinet.

  10. What kind of floors do you need? If your home is blessed with furry friends,  think about getting something durable and scratch-proof. There are many things to consider about flooring, like how much time you have to spend on maintenance, environmental concerns, and style. 

Design for your life

When faced with kitchen design options, many homeowners suffer from a case of decision fatigue. Our advice? Don’t get too lost in the details. Try to focus on the big picture, and create a design in line with how you live. For example, getting the layout right is more important than picking the right paint. It’s easier to repaint than to have to replumb the whole kitchen! And remember, all this planning will pay off in the long run when you’re enjoying your fun and functional kitchen.

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During our 50+ years in the business, Trilogy has learned a thing or two about kitchen design. We’re always happy to pass on this knowledge to our clients so they get the home they’ve been dreaming of. If you’d like our help making your vision a reality, contact us today. 

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