5 Ways a Palisades Home Makes Getting Your Dream Home Easier

Get a brand new home without the headache!

On the fence about building a custom home? At Trilogy, we realize the thought of building one can be an emotional tug-of-war. It can feel like a battle between the desire for your dream home and the hassle of starting a build from scratch. But good news! Now you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other: our semi-custom Palisades Homes are the best of both worlds!

Five ways a Palisades Home makes getting a dream home easier

  1. Save time and money. Architectural plans are already drawn and done, so they’re only ⅓ the cost of a custom build. Even labor costs and building fees are less because there are fewer custom details. 
  2. The build time is faster. Building a custom home can take upwards of a year. But with a Palisades Home, you can get the keys in as few as six months.
  3. Choose from ready-made floor plans. Palisades Homes helps you avoid decision fatigue by giving you three different floor plans. These thoughtfully planned choices accommodate a variety of needs for different lifestyles.
  4. Use your land, or let us help you find some! Our flexible plans allow you to build on property you already own. And if you don’t have land yet, just ask! We can help you find the right spot for your dream home. 
  5. Pick a design style. We take the guesswork out of design by offering our Palisades Homes clients four design styles to choose from: Tuscan, Modern, Coastal, and Farmhouse. Trendy and timeless, they complement our home designs. Not your style? We’ll help you create a custom look! 

Palisades homes have all the advantages of a traditional build

When you choose a Palisades home, you’ll get all the benefits of a traditional, stick-built house. We build from the ground up on a solid, attached foundation meant to last. It’s quality construction from a family company with over five decades of experience building (and rebuilding) homes in Butte County.

A unique home for you

At Palisades Homes, you get a house built just for you with a custom feel, plus the quality of a traditional stick-built home. You’ll get to choose which floor plan makes sense for your lifestyle and which design best reflects your personal style. This adds up to a home that’s uniquely you: your home, your style.

Making dreams a reality

Everyone deserves to get their dream home. Choosing a Palisades Home could put you one step closer to making it a reality. No matter what you’re building, let’s build it together! Contact us to get started.

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