A day in the life of Ruger, Trilogy’s canine coworker

Trilogy has gone to the dogs! And that’s a compliment if you’ve got fur like I do. My name is Ruger, and I’m a VIP (Very Important Pup) here at Trilogy.

And today, my two-legged coworkers have finally come to their senses and turned the blog over to me. Sure, I’ve read their other blogs, and while I think it’s funny when they use fancy phrases like “Home of the True Quote”, I thought our readers might benefit from a different perspective about what goes on around here. Follow along with me for a day in the life of a doggo at the Trilogy offices!

Good Morning, Paradise! 

After being woken up by my alarm (the birds) just after sunrise, it’s time for breakfast—meat cereal, my favorite. Then we get in the truck and swing by a few jobsites to check in on the crews before we head to the office. I love to ride with the windows rolled down, sniffing the good sniffs of Paradise like pine trees and coffee trucks. But there’s no time to paws when we get there because it’s another busy day at Trilogy, and I’ve got a lot on my to-do list! First I’ve gotta process some orders from suppliers, then I need to connect with Joe from Lumber, who has my actual dream job of counting and moving big sticks. I take a quick break to greet the UPS guy, and then I get ready for our first client meeting. 

A Dog’s Eye View of True Quote

My new friends are a nice young couple who lost their residence in the 2018 Camp Fire and want to rebuild with a custom home. Our team always asks about their priorities and goals, how long they plan to live there, and what they think their dream home might look like. The lady said she’s having trouble finding inspiration for her kitchen. My coworker said they should try using HOWLS*, which makes perfect sense to me because howling always helps me feel better when I’m frustrated. 

(*Trilogy Human Editor’s note: Ruger misheard. We suggest our clients use Houzz to find inspiration for their home design, but we won’t mind if you need a good howl in the office, too.)

I love it when they talk about the next step, which is going to see the couple’s land. While our team is busy taking measurements and photographs, I can usually sneak away to chase the squirrels. Afterward, everyone starts discussing serious stuff like permits, septic, regulations, and other things, all of which are a little confusing to me. But that’s okay because my coworkers are good at explaining those sorts of things. The couple also seems confused, but my coworkers walk them through everything and reassure them Trilogy has been doing this since 1967 (that’s about 294 doggo years!) All those decades of experience working in the industry and their professional connections make the whole process a snap. 

It sounds like our clients are going to create custom home plans with a local architect, so once they have their final drawings we’ll all get back together to pick out finishes. When this is done, it’s True Quote time! The couple looks relieved when they hear it will provide them with a detailed explanation of the building costs with zero guesswork. They’ll even get a schedule so they know exactly what’s happening during construction. The meeting ends, and everyone’s happy; my coworkers get handshakes, and I get a well-deserved doggy snack from Rivera, my personal cookie jar.

Our Pawsome Palisades Homes

Our next meeting with a senior couple goes quickly because they’ve decided to build one of our Palisades Homes. Out of our three-floor plans, they chose the Sequoia. Easy peasy, like a chew-toy squeezy! It simplifies their decision-making process so they can spend less time picking out things and more time giving me belly rubs during their appointment. Then my coworkers showed them the mortgage calculator on our website and started talking numbers, so I took a little nap on my special office bed. 

At Trilogy, There’s No Place Like Home

When I wake up, my new friends are gone, but our team is still discussing the meetings and how they can help make the home-building process easier for these two couples. My coworkers do this a lot; I think it’s because they really care about their clients, and the community, too. In my furry opinion, it’s because Trilogy is a family business, and even though they’re a bunch of humans, they’ve got a pretty good philosophy of honesty and transparency. I’m glad to be a part of it!

Well, that’s all for today…time to go home and have some kibble.

‘Til next time,

Trilogy’s Good Boy, Ruger.

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