Builders by Trade. Neighbors for Life.

Because every home we build helps grow a community we love.

For Trilogy, Paradise isn’t just a place where we do business. It’s the town where we’ve raised our families and made true, lasting friendships. And as professional builders, each new residence we build feels like more than just a job. Our houses become homes and a part of our community. 

“Trilogy is an opportunity to give back to the town I grew up and raised my family in,” says owner Greg Bolin. “Paradise has been our home since 1967.”

“I raised my family in this town,” adds Shawn Shingler, also a Trilogy owner. “I’m grateful to be a part of rebuilding the community for future families as well.”

A history rooted in Paradise

Our roots on the Ridge run deep. The business got its start in Paradise back in 1967 by Mel Bolin, who brought on his sons and nephew in the 70s and 80s. After a series of construction and framing business ventures, Mel formed Trilogy Construction for custom homes. He eventually sold the business to son Greg, nephew Shawn, and Trilogy controller Beth Dunn, and today, the three of them are proud to continue the legacy of faith and service to the community.

With an enduring commitment to the community 

With such a strong family connection to Paradise, it seems only natural for us to be invested in the place we live. Just like members of the community have supported our business, we’re here to support them. ”Paradise is a community that values and supports families,” says Beth. “It just makes sense to support each other.“

Whether it’s showing up for the swim team, the football team, or local events like Johnny Appleseed Days, it’s what we do for each other here as neighbors. Paradise is known as a community supporting and valuing each other, and we love being a part of it. 

The  importance of trust, quality, and experience

At Trilogy, the principles of quality and trust stem from our business’s core values. We believe in treating everyone with the same respect we would our family, from the subcontractors we work with to our clients. Having 50-plus years of experience in the business means we’ve learned a thing or two about construction and how to be a good neighbor—sometimes both at the same time. And we feel it’s equally important to inspire trust and confidence in the quality of our work and our participation in the community. 

“What leads to expertise?” muses Greg. “Being part of a community, you learn different things that all combine to help us become good neighbors and great contractors. As members of the church, Town Council, and other community events, we understand what our community needs as neighbors and have learned what a town needs to rebuild. And in the field, you’ll find us onsite every day. Our decades of hands-on experience allows us to do work we’re proud of.”

It’s also the incredible people we get to build for who have helped build our experience over time. “We’ve been lucky to work with folks who have lots of different things they like,” said Beth. This gives us lots of opportunities to see all kinds of different things. For instance, we’ve done water walls, indoor slides, spiral stairs, off-grid homes, kosher kitchens, etc. The list is endless— and just plain cool. This gives us excitement and confidence to do the extraordinary!”

Build with confidence

When you build a custom or semi-custom Palisades home, you can feel confident you’re getting generations of experience from a team that knows the business inside and out. 

“Greg and I started out in the field with hammers and nails, getting paid by how many pieces we produced. Our past experience helps us manage projects, keep on schedule, and stay within budget today, ” said Shawn. “It’s not just your job that leads to expertise; it’s all these things you experience and learn along the way.”

Whether you’re interested in building a new home or just meeting a friendly face in the community, we hope you’ll reach out to say hello this year. Send us a message to find out how Trilogy Construction’s “Builders by Trade. Neighbors for Life.” motto comes to life!

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