Create your perfect indoor oasis with these tips

While kitchens are often the star of the home,  the bathroom is still a key player in your design decision-making.

Whether you’re remodeling or building from scratch as part of a custom home or one of our semi-custom Palisades Homes, it’s important to ask yourself some key questions before diving into a bathroom design. 

Top Bathroom Design Questions

  1. How much space do you need in your bathroom? Carefully consider how much room you need, especially if you have your heart set on a big soaker tub or an ADA-compliant roll-in shower. 
  2. Will it be functional or luxurious (or both)? Clarify whether you need a utilitarian bathroom fit to accommodate the demands of a large family, a luxe spa-like area just for you, or something in between. 
  3. Are you going to age-in-place in your home? If you think you’ll spend your golden years sitting in this bathroom, then make sure it’s safe and functional for your needs as a senior citizen. 
  4. How many sinks do you need, and how big should they be? Are you designing for a couple or a big brood? Does your sink need to be big enough to wash a guinea pig in? Do you need a his-and-hers to keep your and your partner’s toothpaste from getting mixed up? Find the optimum number and size, and keep in mind an extra sink means extra cost for extra plumbing. 
  5. How much space do you need underneath your sink and on top of the counter? Got stuff? Then a delicate pedestal sink might not be for you. If you need a place to stash hairdryers, an army’s worth of tiny hotel shampoo bottles, and 20 expired vitamin bottles, opt for a cabinet-style version. 
  6. Do you need a bathtub, shower, or both? If you’ve got a large family on the go (pets included!), you might need a shower-tub combo to fit your lifestyle. Or if the bathroom is your refuge of calm, you might consider having a stand-alone shower and a separate jacuzzi tub you can hide in with a good book and a bag of chips after a long day. 
  7. Where do you want the toilet located? If you’ve never thought about toilet clearance, it’s ok. But if you’re designing a bathroom, make sure the toilet is far enough from the door, sink, tub, and shower to be comfortable while in use. 
  8. What kind of door do you need in the bathroom? Think about whether a standard door, pocket door, or no door at all is best for your needs. 
  9. What kind of paint do you need? While you may like a steamy shower, your paint may not. (We’re looking at you, folks who forget to use the window and fan to air it out!) Let your Trilogy expert know so they can help you pick the perfect paint for your home. While there’s always general wear and tear, we can find a longer-lasting option right for you. 
  10. What type of flooring should be put in the bathroom? For example, a roll-in shower (a.k.a. walk-in shower with no dam) will need tile flooring outside of it, as pools of water can warp laminate and erode grout. If there’s a small dam, then laminate flooring will work. Keep in mind tile floor costs more than laminate, so factor this into your budget. 

Create the best design for your home

At Trilogy, we’ve learned a thing or two about bathroom design in our 50+ years in business. And we’re always happy to share our expertise with our current and future clients. If you’re thinking of building a custom or semi-custom home, contact us here and let us help you make all your design dreams a reality.

What does “age-in-place” mean? In construction, it entails home design that allows residents to age comfortably without making significant modifications as they get older. Think of it as a plan for the future! And as a certified Aging in Place builder, Trilogy has a wealth of information to share with clients about how to achieve this goal. 

Wide entryway for easy mobility
Universal Design

One sure-fire way to build an age-in-place home is to use a universal design. If you’re not familiar with this, it’s a term used for the creation of products or an environment (such as a kitchen, bathroom or entryway) accessible to all people. In residential construction, it means building a home for those who have a wide range of abilities or disabilities that is adaptable to their physical needs over time. By doing this, it ensures residents of any age can live comfortably. This makes it easier than ever to have peace of mind knowing your home is ready for the future. 

Make Choices with the Future in Mind

Are you considering building a semi-custom or custom home to grow old in? The key to aging in place successfully is making the right selections. If you’re not familiar with the term “selections” in construction, it describes paint types, finishes, hardware, and other elements of the home which go beyond the structure. This includes items like the kitchen sink, ceiling fans, and other fixtures. 

Selection Suggestions
Curbless shower and shower bench
Create an All Age-friendly Home

Trilogy would love to help you build an age-in-place house. Whether you’re thinking about a custom build or one of our semi-custom Palisades Homes, we can offer advice on how to design for your future needs. The residents of Butte County have been counting on Trilogy’s home-building expertise for over 50 years. And as a member of the community, we take pride in helping them stay in their homes well into their golden years. For those who lost their forever homes in the fire, know that we are here to help you rebuild with your golden years in mind. Contact us today to find out more about what we do to help!