If you’re in the market for building a home, choosing a contractor is one of the most important decisions you can make. At Trilogy, we believe the key to turning a house into a home is honesty and transparency. Since we’re in the construction business, one of the best things we can do is to help educate potential homeowners about the building process. Let’s take the mystery out of it! With this in mind, here are some of the top questions we’ve been asked as homebuilders. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s the maximum deposit on construction a contractor can require?

A: While the amount contractors ask can vary, in California they should not request more than 10% down of the base price or $1,000 — whichever is less.  

Q: How do you pick a reputable contractor?

A: First, make sure they are licensed. Ask to see their “pocket license” (a small plastic card version of their license) and ID, and make sure their trade matches the work you need to be done. You can go to www.cslb.ca.gov to find out if their license is in good standing. If they have a website, check it for reviews. You can also ask the contractor for past client testimonials and to see a portfolio of their work. 

Q: Can the builder put you on a waitlist if permits come in late?

A: Yes. The permit process can be a long one and can experience delays. (Side note: Trilogy doesn’t do this! We currently don’t have a waiting list, and we don’t move you down the list if there are unavoidable delays. Each project is ready at different times, we start when everything lines up.)

Q: Can a home builder raise the price before the house is completed?

A: It’s important to read your contract carefully before signing. Many builders will include an allowance for unexpected costs. Make sure you understand and agree to those terms before you commit to the builder. Furthermore, when a builder uses a “unilateral contract,” they can find a way out of it and cancel. Luckily for our clients, Trilogy will always be transparent in our True Quote process. 

True Quote

Are you concerned about rising construction costs? Many potential homeowners debate whether or not to build a home due to fluctuating prices. But with Trilogy’s True Quote, you’ll know exactly how much your build will cost long before you break ground. We offer total transparency, so you can feel at ease. We think taking the guesswork out of the construction process helps offer our clients peace of mind.

Building a Higher Value

At Trilogy we focus on “Building a Higher Value.” This motto has been the core of our work since 1967, and we’ve incorporated it into every home we construct. It’s why we’re known as a premium option for building custom homes—and now Palisades Homes—in Butte County. Contact us today to find out more!

Building a Higher Value

This year, we decided to spotlight one of the core tenets of our philosophy at Trilogy: building a higher value. Our standards were already high, but we’ve doubled down on providing our clients—that’s you!—with a quality experience, from the time spent on the first vision-casting session to the moment we turn over the keys and welcome you home. Read on to learn how we brought a higher value to you over the last year. 

Blog Launch

Big news calls for a big mention. Have you checked out our new blog?  It was created with our past, present, and future clients in mind as a go-to place to find helpful home-building information. It’s just one more thing we can do to help and share our knowledge with you. 

Introducing Palisades Homes 

After decades of being in the home-building business, we’ve learned not everyone is looking for a custom home. This is why Trilogy has provided a solution: Palisades Homes. These semi-custom homes provide many of the perks of a stick-built home. With three different floor plans and four styles, these semi-custom options make it easy to create a design reflecting your style with less hassle and a great price tag.

Johnny Appleseed Days

Taking part in community events is important to us. This year, we were proud to have a booth at Johnny Appleseed days in Paradise. Thank you to everyone who stopped by to visit with us! We loved connecting with you and answering questions. And we had a great response to our prize drawing of two apple trees from Heinke’s Family Farm and an Ace wheelbarrow. 

Valley Contractors Exchange

The Valley Contractors Exchange is a non-profit, member-run trade association in Butte County formed by contractors, for contractors. For over 60 years, VCE has offered educational workshops, construction safety training and information, government advocacy, social functions, and more. Trilogy was one of the founding members of the Board of Trustees, and now we’re so excited to be a part of their new non-profit initiative in the Valley Contractors Workforce Foundation: Mobile Construction Training. We look forward to sharing more about this with you in the future. 

The Boys & Girls Club of the North Valley Paradise Cook-Off

It’s no secret we’re invested in rebuilding the Ridge and long-time supporters of youth programs like the Boys & Girls Club.  We think these children are our future, which is why we sponsored the Boys & Girls Club of the North Valley Paradise Cook-off in April at the Paradise Veterans Hall. It was a wonderful event, and we hope to see you there again next year! 

Trilogy Remains a Name You Can Trust

No matter how many new things we’ve introduced this year, one thing remains the same: Trilogy is a name you can trust in the industry. With over 50 years in the business, you can believe we’re doing something right. It’s why so many Paradise homeowners have chosen us to help them rebuild and find their way back home to the Ridge. Maybe it’s because we’re a family business, but we believe in treating all our clients like family.  

How Trilogy Can Help You 

Ready to let Trilogy help you create your dream home? Take the first step and connect with us here. You can talk with us in person in our office or on Zoom. Meet the team, and we’ll happily show you examples of our past work and discuss your vision. Reach out to get started! 

“Building a higher value” is a phrase we use a lot here at Trilogy. In fact, it’s been one of our core philosophies for the 50+ years we’ve been in business. Our family has been helping other families build their dream homes for decades. And with this much experience under our collective tool belts, we’ve always been excited to share some of our knowledge with our clients over the years. 

But what does “building a higher value” mean for you?? Depending on what you’re building, this higher value can come to life in many ways. But one of our favorites is in the unique, custom home design touches which can be added to your house. 

We like to call these additions “life hacks.” Consider them simple design tweaks to make your everyday routine easier. Here are some examples:

You can design a room with these life hacks in mind to create a fun, functional layout. Not sure where to start? Sit down with Trilogy, and we’ll help you identify some of the key areas where you could benefit from these. Learn how to maximize your space and have peace of mind!

At Trilogy, we build in the community we live in so our standards are extremely high. This means we’re going to do our best to create a home design which reflects your values and hopes within its walls. Want to learn more? Contact us today to find out how Trilogy can make your design dreams a reality. 

Since 1967, the Trilogy motto has been “Building a Higher Value.” It’s core to our beliefs and our work ethic, and it influences the way we think about everything we do, how we work, who we work with, and even where we source our supplies. And, it means that you benefit from these standards. 

We are always looking for ways to raise the quality and value of a build or remodel. In turn, our actions and relationships set an example that contractors can be fair and trustworthy. Here are a few ways you will see “building a higher value” come to life:

We give our word:

When we give our word to clients, subcontractors, or the community, we stick to it. Because we build in the community where we live, we’re invested in its success.

Customers are treated like family:

We believe building a higher value begins with client relationships, which are ultimately built on trust and accountability. Just as the feeling of home begins with the health of the relationships inside, the foundation of a higher value begins with a strong client-to-builder relationship.

Experience you can trust:

Trilogy adds value throughout the entire building process. From blueprints to wall framing, electrical, and plumbing, we identify both roadblocks and opportunities for a better build experience. When it comes to regulatory issues, such as site preparation, surveys, and septic, we connect you to the people who can get the job done right and work alongside them to streamline the process. Our 50+ years of experience means we bring your vision to life at every step, saving you time and money along the way.


Unlike contractors who might round up prices, or over-order materials and then pin the cost on their clients, we always pass on any savings to you. We call this “value engineering,” and it means that you really do get to “keep the change.”

True Quote:

When it comes to pricing, our True Quote system provides you with a detailed explanation of all of our costs, so there’s no guesswork. This transparent process eliminates any anxiety since you’ll know there will be no hidden or unexpected costs.

With over 50 years of experience, we’ve been through every scenario imaginable when it comes to home-building and rebuilding, and we want you to feel well supported during the process. From drawings to doorknobs, you’ll see a higher value in every step of the building process.