Fencing, landscaping, noise, and—of course—cookies.

If you grew up watching Sesame Street as a child, you may recall the recurring song “The people in your neighborhood.” In this sweet little ditty, the main singer asks a second person about the people you meet outside your home. The tune imagines the various residents, the jobs they do, and what makes them happy. 

And while the song is decades old, it’s a great reminder today to be a good neighbor and homeowner to the people in your neighborhood. Wondering where to start? Luckily, Trilogy has had over 50 years of experience learning how to be a good neighbor and builder. Check out some of our suggestions on the topic below!

Here’s how to be a favorite neighbor by taking care of:

Home Clearance and Fences.

You’ve probably heard the saying, “Good fences make good neighbors.” It’s true! But if you’re going to build a new one, it’s a smart idea to check in with your neighbors before you start digging holes. Make sure you understand where the property lines are so you don’t encroach on their yard or cut off some important view. The same goes with home clearance—nobody wants part of someone else’s roof carport or other structure overhanging their space.


Does anyone ever want their house to be known as the neighborhood eyesore? Ensure your yard isn’t an overgrown jungle where raccoons reenact their version of the Hunger Games. Keep it mowed and tidy to prevent weeds from flourishing and sending pesky weed seeds into your neighbors’ yards. And while you’re at it, consider putting in firewise landscaping. It’ll help protect your home and contribute to your street looking its best!

Noise levels.

Okay, so say you’ve built a brand spankin’ new fence and are patting yourself on the back for creating more privacy for both you and your neighbors. Don’t forget: even if you have a fence, people can still hear you. While you may prefer to start your day at 6 am with water aerobics in your pool or a good old leaf-blowing session, your neighbors might not appreciate it. Remember to keep noise levels at a respectful level.


Another way to be a good neighbor is to think about the safety of your home in relation to people who live in the area. Keep your property well-lit outdoors and install motion-activated lights (just be mindful you don’t have a floodlight shining into your neighbor’s bedroom.) If you live in a gated community, don’t give out the gate code to just anyone. Be watchful and discuss suspicious activity with the other neighbors to help make your area a safer place. 

Bonus: Cookies!

Ever since Ruger’s brush with literary fame after he wrote about a dog’s day in the life at Trilogy for our blog, he’s been giving the humans “advice” whenever we sit down to write. Our resident canine coworker is a big fan of cookies (the moo-flavored kind) and strongly suggested this as a top tip to be a good neighbor. And you know what? We agree. There’s nothing nicer than a plate of warm cookies to bring people together or welcome new ones to the neighborhood. So without further ado, we’ve got two cookie recipes for your two-legged and four-legged neighbors.

Ruger’s Favorite Brown Butter Cookie Recipe (for humans, inspired by the Brown Butter Cookie Company in Cayucos, CA from Yummy Mummy)



  1. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper, and heat the oven to 325°F.
  2. Melt butter in a saucepan over medium heat, and stir slowly until it caramelizes. When you see brown flecks and smell a rich, nutty flavor, remove it from the heat and pour it into a bowl to cool. Then, stir in the brown sugar and vanilla.
  3. In a separate bowl, whisk together the flour and baking soda. 
  4. Combine the ingredients in both bowls, mixing well.
  5. Use a small scoop or your hands to shape small cookies on the cookie sheet, and then sprinkle a bit of sea salt over top of each.
  6. Bake for 15 minutes or until golden brown. 

Ruger’s Favorite Pupalicious Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe (for dogs, adapted from Flora and Vino)



  1. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and heat the oven to 350°F.
  2. If you’re using whole oats instead of oat flour, blitz the oatmeal in a blender until it has the consistency of flour.
  3. In a large bowl, mix the peanut butter and bananas together, and then add the oat flour until combined.
  4. Roll the dough out on the counter into a thin slab around ¼ inch thick.
  5. Cut shapes with a knife or a cookie cutter, and then place them on the baking sheet. 
  6. Bake for 15 minutes, and make sure they’re cool before putting them into your dog’s mouth!

Let’s be good neighbors together

At Trilogy, we recognize the importance of being a good neighbor and part of a community. It’s one of the many reasons we go above and beyond for our clients, whether they’re building a Palisades Home or a custom home. We think the key to turning a house into a home is trust, kindness, and caring throughout the building process. If you want to find out more about how we can help you, contact us today.

Because every home we build helps grow a community we love.

For Trilogy, Paradise isn’t just a place where we do business. It’s the town where we’ve raised our families and made true, lasting friendships. And as professional builders, each new residence we build feels like more than just a job. Our houses become homes and a part of our community. 

“Trilogy is an opportunity to give back to the town I grew up and raised my family in,” says owner Greg Bolin. “Paradise has been our home since 1967.”

“I raised my family in this town,” adds Shawn Shingler, also a Trilogy owner. “I’m grateful to be a part of rebuilding the community for future families as well.”

A history rooted in Paradise

Our roots on the Ridge run deep. The business got its start in Paradise back in 1967 by Mel Bolin, who brought on his sons and nephew in the 70s and 80s. After a series of construction and framing business ventures, Mel formed Trilogy Construction for custom homes. He eventually sold the business to son Greg, nephew Shawn, and Trilogy controller Beth Dunn, and today, the three of them are proud to continue the legacy of faith and service to the community.

With an enduring commitment to the community 

With such a strong family connection to Paradise, it seems only natural for us to be invested in the place we live. Just like members of the community have supported our business, we’re here to support them. ”Paradise is a community that values and supports families,” says Beth. “It just makes sense to support each other.“

Whether it’s showing up for the swim team, the football team, or local events like Johnny Appleseed Days, it’s what we do for each other here as neighbors. Paradise is known as a community supporting and valuing each other, and we love being a part of it. 

The  importance of trust, quality, and experience

At Trilogy, the principles of quality and trust stem from our business’s core values. We believe in treating everyone with the same respect we would our family, from the subcontractors we work with to our clients. Having 50-plus years of experience in the business means we’ve learned a thing or two about construction and how to be a good neighbor—sometimes both at the same time. And we feel it’s equally important to inspire trust and confidence in the quality of our work and our participation in the community. 

“What leads to expertise?” muses Greg. “Being part of a community, you learn different things that all combine to help us become good neighbors and great contractors. As members of the church, Town Council, and other community events, we understand what our community needs as neighbors and have learned what a town needs to rebuild. And in the field, you’ll find us onsite every day. Our decades of hands-on experience allows us to do work we’re proud of.”

It’s also the incredible people we get to build for who have helped build our experience over time. “We’ve been lucky to work with folks who have lots of different things they like,” said Beth. This gives us lots of opportunities to see all kinds of different things. For instance, we’ve done water walls, indoor slides, spiral stairs, off-grid homes, kosher kitchens, etc. The list is endless— and just plain cool. This gives us excitement and confidence to do the extraordinary!”

Build with confidence

When you build a custom or semi-custom Palisades home, you can feel confident you’re getting generations of experience from a team that knows the business inside and out. 

“Greg and I started out in the field with hammers and nails, getting paid by how many pieces we produced. Our past experience helps us manage projects, keep on schedule, and stay within budget today, ” said Shawn. “It’s not just your job that leads to expertise; it’s all these things you experience and learn along the way.”

Whether you’re interested in building a new home or just meeting a friendly face in the community, we hope you’ll reach out to say hello this year. Send us a message to find out how Trilogy Construction’s “Builders by Trade. Neighbors for Life.” motto comes to life!

Join us as we reminisce about another successful year!

Deck the halls (of Trilogy) with boughs of holly, fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la.

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and we sure do love to be merry here at our HQ! As 2023 draws to a close, it’s a great time to reflect on the last 12 months. And while some of us had high hopes our VIP (Very Important Pup) Ruger might take pen to paw again after his last blog about Trilogy, he’s more interested in keeping an eye on the door for the arrival of reindeer. (Or the UPS guy. Whoever gets here first with treats, honestly.) 

Trilogy’s 12 Days of Christmas

Since we love carols, it’s our inspiration for the Trilogy 2023 Year in Review. We’re taking it waaaay back to this ditty published in 1780, The Twelve Days of Christmas. Except instead of Ye Olde English flavor, we’re giving it a Paradise spin. Feel free to sing along! 

…On the 12 days of Christmas, Trilogy tallied up some fun facts from 2023…

  1. 1 lunch from Meehos (at least two times a week)!
  2. 2 site visits per day to every project site.
  3. 3 Palisades Homes sold this year!
  4. 4 different home design styles from Palisades Homes
  5. 5 decades of experience from the Bolin Family.
  6. 346 Trilogy hats given out
  7. 64 times Ruger greeted the UPS guy this year. (64!)
  8. 17 different fixtures in the sample room.
  9. 243 biscuits eaten by Ruger
  10. 14,300 waves given out in the truck: Greg (6240) + Shawn (4160) + Rod (3900)
  11. 53.07 tons of debris diverted from landfills this year (that’s 106,140 lbs, or 5,307 20 lb turkeys…and counting!)
  12. 78 photos on average when we photograph a Trilogy home 

P.S. Let’s add on a thirteenth day of Christmas just for fun, since 13 is the number of community events Trilogy participated in during 2023!

Okay, okay, maybe songwriting isn’t our thing. But we still had fun looking back on another successful year—and maybe next year’s recap will make for better lyrics! At the end of the day, the best stat of all is our most impressive: one incredible community giving us the honor each day of building the places you call home.

Happy Holidays from Trilogy
Our clients and the community of Paradise are everything to us. Because at Trilogy, we’re more than just a business. We’re family. So whether you want to spread some of the season’s joy or ask us about building a new home, we’re here for you. Contact us to see how Trilogy can help. Until then, wishing you and yours a very merry Christmas!

No matter your budget, Trilogy has a style for you!

‘Tis the season! Are you ready to deck your halls and be jolly? While some folks are already feeling the festive spirit of the season and have been finished decorating since September, others are just getting started. 

Whether you’re looking for fresh inspiration or just haven’t yet found the right style, budget, and firewise items, we’ve got ideas for you. Follow us in merry measure as Trilogy shares some of our top tips for decorating your home this winter. 

Pick a theme or a color scheme

The first thing to do is to solidify your style for the season. Not sure where to start? Take a look at your existing architecture, and identify the type of design. For example, if you have a farmhouse interior, consider a country Christmas theme with quaint table runners, rustic wooden bowls, and fresh fruit centerpieces. If your home is ultra-modern, you can mix and match eras and opt for a uniform color scheme instead. Go classic with hues of red, white, and green, or mix metallic hues with icy blues to fit the frosty weather. 

Find a focal point

The next step is to determine your home’s best feature and turn it into the main attraction. Got a great mantle? Make it the star of the show by decorating it with a fresh holiday-themed painting, garlands, stockings, stars, or a line of lanterns. How about a striking staircase? Let it be the showstopper, complete with weaving garlands or strings of beads. 

Decorate on a budget

If you’re looking for frugal festivities this year, it’s still possible to have great decor without breaking the bank. Vintage items are very on-trend, so hang up grandma’s elf-printed tea towels. Repurpose previous year’s items, like taking an artificial door wreath and turning it into a table centerpiece surrounded by votives. Go old-school and thread popcorn on a string for garlands, or use a brass bowl filled with pinecones as coffee table decor. Grab a roll of velvet ribbon in a holiday hue and tie it around chairs, staircase rungs, and other items. Your festive spirit can shine no matter what you use!

Choose firewise decor

To tree, or not to tree? It’s often the question when thinking of fire safety around the holidays. If you’re going for an artificial tree, choose ones labeled fire-resistant. If you’re choosing a natural one, opt for a fresh, green tree kept well-watered. And remember: keep both fresh and artificial trees away from heat sources like fireplaces, wood stoves, heating vents, etc. Use lights instead of candles, and make sure they’ve been tested and inspected before you plug them in. If you’re hanging lights outside, be sure to keep them away from dry foliage and have them complement a firewise landscaping design. Finally, if you’re buying paper decorations like cut-out snowflakes, choose those labeled non-combustible or flame-resistant, and keep them away from warm lights, candles and other heat sources.

No matter what style of decor you choose, Trilogy ho-ho-hopes you have a wonderful holiday filled with all the joy and magic of the season. And if you need us for custom or semi-custom home construction, we’re happy to help. Contact us here and we’ll get started on making your dreams a reality.

“Coming home is one of the most beautiful things.” –Andre Rieu

At Trilogy, one of the best moments in the building process is seeing our clients’ reactions when they see their completed new home for the first time. There’s something truly heartwarming about handing over the keys and watching them step into their house as homeowners.

The details about each family may differ—maybe it’s a senior couple rebuilding after the 2018 Camp Fire, or maybe they’re newlyweds celebrating their first home together. But one thing is always the same: the shared feeling of coming home. We see it on the first day, in social media posts about decorating each room, then later in holiday cards taken on the front steps. Trilogy is so honored to be a part of those stories, and we’re excited to share some of our favorite photos with you now. 

We could not have asked for a better team than Trilogy to rebuild our home. Their attention to detail was remarkable and the quality of construction was top-notch.  Our best decisions were rebuilding in Paradise, and choosing Trilogy to rebuild.  - Frank & Gwen Dodini

Our experience with Trilogy Construction, Inc. in building our home was marked by high integrity, good quality, and high-value work. We could always trust Trilogy to be fair and honest. It’s high-quality work and excellent service gave us the results we expected. - Louis and Jeanine Compagno 

Trilogy made our rebuild so easy! So glad we went with them❤️ - Valerie Barton

It’s no secret Trilogy is a big fan of life hacks in construction. These small home design tweaks help make our client’s everyday routines easier and add value to their homes. And after 50+ years in the business, we’ve found quite a few to pass on. 

One of the most important life hacks in construction comes down to your selections. These are the sink styles, shutter colors, and pantry paneling you choose to incorporate into your home, usually in alignment with your family’s preferences and needs. For example, many future homeowners are interested in creating a kid-friendly house design. And the good news is, it’s easy to create a stylish and functional space through well-planned selections.

Use Durable Materials 

When designing with children in mind, the first thing to do is select durable materials. Work your way from the ground up, starting with floor coverings. It may sound obvious, but avoid softwood floors like pine which can chip or scratch easily, and opt for tougher hardwood or engineered wood. Laminate and vinyl are good picks for high-traffic areas, while carpet may work for bedrooms in need of a cozy feel underfoot. Choose scratch-resistant kitchen countertops like quartz which doesn’t stain easily and cabinets made of tough wood like hickory. 

Design for Everyday Routines

If you’re building a custom home, design with your family’s routine in mind. For example, if you’re planning on having a pool, you might want to include a bathroom with a shower off the garage so kids can rinse off after swimming. Got small humans and pets? Incorporate a mudroom entry into the floor plan. If the kitchen is the heart of your home (and your activities with the kids), Trilogy can advise you on counter heights suitable for a range of different ages. Finally, an appliance cabinet is one of our favorite home hacks, since it keeps kitchen appliances away from little ones and leaves more room on the counter. 

Palisades Homes

Custom houses aren’t the only residences able to incorporate these life hacks. If you are looking for a semi-custom home, take a look at some of the fun and functional floor plans from our Palisades Homes collection. We offer three different floor plans and four different styles so you can find the right combination for your needs and taste. Whether you are designing with children in mind or not, we’d love to help you make the most of your future home. 

As a family-owned business, Trilogy is proud to build other families their forever homes. Contact us here today to find out how Trilogy can help make your home design dreams a reality!