Choose all the right details so it feels like you—inside and out

Oh, there's no place like home for the holidays

'Cause no matter how far away you roam

When you pine for the sunshine of a friendly gaze

For the holidays, you can't beat home sweet home

Whether or not you’re familiar with the lyrics of the classic Perry Como song “Home for the Holidays,” the message of coming home is a powerful one, especially this time of year. Decorating and preparing a feast there, gathered together with those nearest and dearest to you, is a priceless yet simple joy.

And in the spirit of the season, we here at Trilogy wanted to spread some more of it by sharing one of our new Palisades Homes. See how you could turn a semi-custom house built by us into a home that makes every gathering feel sweet.

Give yourself the gift of choice

When you pick a semi-custom Palisades Home, you’ll be gifted with many choices to create the perfect space. You can bring your own plot of land to build on, then the fun really begins as you start making selections.

Start by selecting one of our three floorplans to best fit your needs. Then, we have four different home styles to choose from: Farmhouse, Modern, Coastal, or Tuscan. But one of the best parts about our Palisades Homes is you don’t have to stick to those options if you’re starting at the beginning of the building process. Think of them as just a jumping-off point—our process allows you to customize the selections to ensure your home feels like you.

Check out how Trilogy blended elements from these four different styles to create this beautiful, unique home:

Step into a new home 

If you would rather have a brand new home without going through the designing or building process, you also have the option to purchase a home where Trilogy has already bought the land, done all the building, and made the selections, like the one in the photos below. 



This is a great example of stepping outside the box of our usual home styles. We’ve blended a few features in this kitchen to create a special look, pairing black fixtures with warm, weathered woods and a backdrop of calming neutral tones. It’s one of the many ways we can make your house feel like home, whether you choose your own selections, or enlist Trilogy to pick out a beautiful design for you.

Receive a  festive homecoming 

What style would you call this home? We’d love to hear your thoughts! And if you’re ready for a new house to come home to, reach out to Trilogy and find out about our Palisades Homes and easy True Quote process. It’s just one of the many ways we can help you get the house you want at a price you can afford. Contact us to learn more!

Trilogy has gone to the dogs! And that’s a compliment if you’ve got fur like I do. My name is Ruger, and I’m a VIP (Very Important Pup) here at Trilogy.

And today, my two-legged coworkers have finally come to their senses and turned the blog over to me. Sure, I’ve read their other blogs, and while I think it’s funny when they use fancy phrases like “Home of the True Quote”, I thought our readers might benefit from a different perspective about what goes on around here. Follow along with me for a day in the life of a doggo at the Trilogy offices!

Good Morning, Paradise! 

After being woken up by my alarm (the birds) just after sunrise, it’s time for breakfast—meat cereal, my favorite. Then we get in the truck and swing by a few jobsites to check in on the crews before we head to the office. I love to ride with the windows rolled down, sniffing the good sniffs of Paradise like pine trees and coffee trucks. But there’s no time to paws when we get there because it’s another busy day at Trilogy, and I’ve got a lot on my to-do list! First I’ve gotta process some orders from suppliers, then I need to connect with Joe from Lumber, who has my actual dream job of counting and moving big sticks. I take a quick break to greet the UPS guy, and then I get ready for our first client meeting. 

A Dog’s Eye View of True Quote

My new friends are a nice young couple who lost their residence in the 2018 Camp Fire and want to rebuild with a custom home. Our team always asks about their priorities and goals, how long they plan to live there, and what they think their dream home might look like. The lady said she’s having trouble finding inspiration for her kitchen. My coworker said they should try using HOWLS*, which makes perfect sense to me because howling always helps me feel better when I’m frustrated. 

(*Trilogy Human Editor’s note: Ruger misheard. We suggest our clients use Houzz to find inspiration for their home design, but we won’t mind if you need a good howl in the office, too.)

I love it when they talk about the next step, which is going to see the couple’s land. While our team is busy taking measurements and photographs, I can usually sneak away to chase the squirrels. Afterward, everyone starts discussing serious stuff like permits, septic, regulations, and other things, all of which are a little confusing to me. But that’s okay because my coworkers are good at explaining those sorts of things. The couple also seems confused, but my coworkers walk them through everything and reassure them Trilogy has been doing this since 1967 (that’s about 294 doggo years!) All those decades of experience working in the industry and their professional connections make the whole process a snap. 

It sounds like our clients are going to create custom home plans with a local architect, so once they have their final drawings we’ll all get back together to pick out finishes. When this is done, it’s True Quote time! The couple looks relieved when they hear it will provide them with a detailed explanation of the building costs with zero guesswork. They’ll even get a schedule so they know exactly what’s happening during construction. The meeting ends, and everyone’s happy; my coworkers get handshakes, and I get a well-deserved doggy snack from Rivera, my personal cookie jar.

Our Pawsome Palisades Homes

Our next meeting with a senior couple goes quickly because they’ve decided to build one of our Palisades Homes. Out of our three-floor plans, they chose the Sequoia. Easy peasy, like a chew-toy squeezy! It simplifies their decision-making process so they can spend less time picking out things and more time giving me belly rubs during their appointment. Then my coworkers showed them the mortgage calculator on our website and started talking numbers, so I took a little nap on my special office bed. 

At Trilogy, There’s No Place Like Home

When I wake up, my new friends are gone, but our team is still discussing the meetings and how they can help make the home-building process easier for these two couples. My coworkers do this a lot; I think it’s because they really care about their clients, and the community, too. In my furry opinion, it’s because Trilogy is a family business, and even though they’re a bunch of humans, they’ve got a pretty good philosophy of honesty and transparency. I’m glad to be a part of it!

Well, that’s all for today…time to go home and have some kibble.

‘Til next time,

Trilogy’s Good Boy, Ruger.

It’s no secret Trilogy is a big fan of life hacks in construction. These small home design tweaks help make our client’s everyday routines easier and add value to their homes. And after 50+ years in the business, we’ve found quite a few to pass on. 

One of the most important life hacks in construction comes down to your selections. These are the sink styles, shutter colors, and pantry paneling you choose to incorporate into your home, usually in alignment with your family’s preferences and needs. For example, many future homeowners are interested in creating a kid-friendly house design. And the good news is, it’s easy to create a stylish and functional space through well-planned selections.

Use Durable Materials 

When designing with children in mind, the first thing to do is select durable materials. Work your way from the ground up, starting with floor coverings. It may sound obvious, but avoid softwood floors like pine which can chip or scratch easily, and opt for tougher hardwood or engineered wood. Laminate and vinyl are good picks for high-traffic areas, while carpet may work for bedrooms in need of a cozy feel underfoot. Choose scratch-resistant kitchen countertops like quartz which doesn’t stain easily and cabinets made of tough wood like hickory. 

Design for Everyday Routines

If you’re building a custom home, design with your family’s routine in mind. For example, if you’re planning on having a pool, you might want to include a bathroom with a shower off the garage so kids can rinse off after swimming. Got small humans and pets? Incorporate a mudroom entry into the floor plan. If the kitchen is the heart of your home (and your activities with the kids), Trilogy can advise you on counter heights suitable for a range of different ages. Finally, an appliance cabinet is one of our favorite home hacks, since it keeps kitchen appliances away from little ones and leaves more room on the counter. 

Palisades Homes

Custom houses aren’t the only residences able to incorporate these life hacks. If you are looking for a semi-custom home, take a look at some of the fun and functional floor plans from our Palisades Homes collection. We offer three different floor plans and four different styles so you can find the right combination for your needs and taste. Whether you are designing with children in mind or not, we’d love to help you make the most of your future home. 

As a family-owned business, Trilogy is proud to build other families their forever homes. Contact us here today to find out how Trilogy can help make your home design dreams a reality! 

“Less is more” is the popular slogan behind the modernist design movement. Modern home design style often features open living spaces adorned simply with minimal home decor.  Sleek and refined, it relies on making a statement through a few key design choices in construction and selections, with chic finishes like marble, streamlined furniture resembling art, and floor-to-ceiling windows. 

Old Becomes New Again

While the words “modern design” suggest, well, modernity, this trend actually began over a century ago. We can thank the Germans and Scandinavians for introducing the world to minimalistic art, architecture, and design through the Bauhaus movement. Modernism prized functional beauty above all else in the creation of objects that were ornamental and served a purpose. For example, a dining room might feature a simple table with clean lines and no ornamentation. This style experiments with building materials like steel, concrete, and wood for construction and furnishings. 

Mod Monochrome

Ever heard of a “monochromatic color palette”? It might sound like a mouthful, but it describes a color scheme based on the shades of one color. To decorate, pick a base hue along with lighter tones and darker shades of the same color. For example, a modern design style in the living room might use different shades of brown, ranging from rich chocolate to beige. Or try “tints” by adding white to the primary color. Remember, the goal of monochrome isn’t to be blah or boring–it’s a subtle way to make a statement through neutral colors. 

Tactile Textures

Once you’ve chosen a color scheme for your modern design, it’s time to play with textures. Traditionally, it engages the senses: the shine of bright copper, the cool touch of marble, and the earthy sound of wooden floors underfoot. Think kitchen cabinets fitted minimally with chrome hardware, hovering above a countertop made of concrete. Furniture often combines steel and leather, with low silhouettes like floor-grazing couches. Pair these with rugs made of natural materials like jute or wool, and introduce glass elements in coffee table tops, mirrors, and decor to complete the look. 

Elements of Modern Style:
Palisades Homes

If you’re thinking of building a home with Modern style, contact us at Trilogy. We’d love to show you our version of Modern design and other styles from our Palisades Homes collection. In addition to Modern, these homes come in three other design styles: Coastal, Farmhouse, and Tuscan. Explore these options to find the best match, whether you choose a semi-custom or custom home. 
Contact us here today to learn about this design style and unique floor plans for our Palisades Homes. Ask us for inspiration, or build a Houzz Ideabook to share with us!

This country trend works in the big city and beyond

Just say the word “farmhouse,” and it conjures images of shiplap walls, whitewashed wood, and well-loved furniture. Cozy comfort is the hallmark of farmhouse style. It’s one of the most welcoming design choices out there, encouraging guests to sit for a spell and stay awhile. Adorned with beautiful basics like slip-covered sofas, rustic wooden tables, and woven baskets, it harkens back to simpler times. 


Ever wonder where farmhouse style came from? If you guessed from actual farmhouses, you’re right! This design goes way back across the pond to Europe in the 16th and 17th centuries. Farmhouses were built to shelter farmers and were made from readily available local materials like wood. They were designed to have big kitchens for cooking and equally large porches to sit on and unwind after a day spent on the land. Later, farmhouse style migrated to America and has grown in popularity thanks to home renovation and design shows. 

Color choices

In this design style, neutrals are key. The farmhouse aesthetic relies on soft, muted hues like white, cream, beige, and light gray. The exception is the time-tested combo of black and white. Many farmhouse followers opt for black hardware along with black doors and windows to make a statement. Otherwise, subtle hints of color can be introduced through decor, furniture choices and textiles like quilts. 


Natural materials rule this roost. Think straw baskets, cotton slipcovers on furniture, and well-loved marble side tables. A rustic wood farmhouse table is the heart of any country kitchen, and other wood accents tie rooms together. 

Modern Farmhouse Style

One of the best parts about farmhouse style is you don’t have to live on a farm (or even in the countryside!) to decorate with this finish. It’s easy to take traditional elements and modernize them to work in both rural and urban environments. 

When you’re thinking about choosing selections for your custom or semi-custom home with Trilogy, here are some of the most popular elements of a Farmhouse finish:

Palisades Homes

Thinking about building a semi-custom home with Farmhouse style? At Trilogy, you’ll find all of these features and more in our Palisades Homes Farmhouse Finish. And just in case you want to explore other styles, our Palisades Homes line offers three other design styles: Coastal, Modern, and Tuscan. If you want Farmhouse style in a custom home, ask us how to incorporate it into the design and selection choice. 

Ready to do some house homework for your future Palisades home? Trilogy is happy to help! Contact us here today to learn more about the design styles for our semi-custom homes. 

Find out how to bring a dash of Italian flair to your home

Ah, Tuscany. This sun-kissed area in central Italy has inspired art, books, movies and even a design style. Known as the birthplace for the Italian Renaissance, it’s no wonder homeowners want to incorporate la bella vita d’italia in their homes. 

Explore the colors of Tuscany

The timeless, old world style of the Tuscan region is rich with colors inspired by the countryside. Think sunflower fields, vineyards, and olive groves galore. These cheery yellows, deep burgundies, and leafy greens play well with other earth tones in the Tuscan palette. 

Textures Straight out of Italy

If you’d like to incorporate Tuscan style into your home, start with traditional materials found in Italy. Cool marble, oil-rubbed bronze, and brightly painted terracotta tiles will add instant depth to any room. Embrace the look of rough-hewn exposed beams on the ceiling. Or utilize exposed brick around a fireplace or hearth to add more texture to your design. 

Tuscan Style

The goal of this rustic style is to create a warm and inviting space through decor, comfortable furniture and rugs. Often filled with antiques, art, and natural touches, a Tuscan home is both romantic and quietly elegant. 

Here are some characteristics of a Tuscan Finish: 

Palisades Homes

Are you thinking about building a semi-custom home with Tuscan style? Trilogy would love to show you these features and more in our Palisades Homes Tuscan Finish. Plus, our Palisades Homes line offers three other design styles: Coastal, Modern, and Tuscan. So you can compare styles and find the best match for you. 

There’s also the option to include Tuscan style in a custom home build, too! Ask us for ideas on selections, or build a Houzz Ideabook to share with us!

Want to find out more about our Tuscan finish? Trilogy can help make your Italian dream home a reality. Contact us here today to learn about this design style and unique floor plans for our Palisades Homes.