Happy Holidays, everyone! This time of year, it seems like one holiday follows another in rapid succession. First, Halloween kicked off the festive fun. And whether you celebrated Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving, we hope there were things to be thankful for. Luckily, the grand finale of saying goodbye to 2022 on New Year’s Eve is on the way. A new year will be a fresh start.

Even though it’s been a challenging couple of years, you only have to look to our strong community as the best reminder of resilience in facing adversity. So whether you are hitting the road, or staying close to home, we hope you will have moments of peace this season as the year draws to a close.

A Family Business Rooted in Tradition

We think the holidays are a good time to reflect on tradition and family. As a business, Trilogy has deep roots on the Ridge thanks to our family tree. It all began in 1967 with our founder, Mel Bolin. And his good work and commitment to quality have been passed down over the years and are carried on today by the current generation. This family-owned company has a long history of connecting our community members with homes in which to build their traditions.

Building Peace of Mind

Through care, personal relationships, and quality, we hope to bring peace into building clients’ homes. After 50 years in the business, we’ve seen it all and can pass on our knowledge to you. You’ll benefit from our experience and established relationships with our partners in the industry. These connections mean our homes are built with quality materials. And with our TrueQuote system, you’ll know exactly what your house will cost, with no surprises. At Trilogy, we value personal relationships, offering clear and consistent communication throughout the process. We’ll be by your side the whole time. 

Give Yourself the Gift of Home

Is a custom or semi-custom house on your New Year’s Resolutions or bucket list? This season, give yourself the gift of a home built by Trilogy. We can discuss your home-building goals for 2023, and help get you one step closer to your dream home. Contact Trilogy today to find out how.

One of the many things that sets Trilogy apart from other builders is our True Quote process. 

And what is a True Quote? (Hint: it’s not famous words of wisdom that you could find on a coffee mug.) 

It’s our special process that provides construction cost transparency. Trilogy will sit down with you, cover every detail, and figure out exactly how much your home will cost. And once we provide you with the final number, it’s the one we stick to, guaranteed. The goal of this process is to help you get what you want at a price you can afford, with no surprises. 

What is the process?

The process begins with a set of drawings from your architect. Once you have those, you can select interior finishes for your new home. Then subcontractors will evaluate it, and offer bids to complete the build. Trilogy will be able to create an estimate of materials, labor, and fees, and then assemble costs for all of it. Then we’ll sit down with you and discuss it and make final budget adjustments. Trilogy has a mortgage calculator which can help you estimate your payments, too. 

How is the True Quote finalized? 

After building your project on paper, Trilogy will provide you with a Final True Quote. This is a detailed explanation of costs, even including the contractor’s fee. This should help take all the mystery out of the fees. 

The only surprises will be good ones. For example, if we can save you money on building supplies or finishes, we will pass the savings back to you. Any saved costs during the construction process will be deducted from your final bill. 

Trilogy wants to help you build a home you love at a price which fits your budget. Contact us today to find out how our True Quote process can do this!