A Palisades Home For the Holidays

Choose all the right details so it feels like you—inside and out

Oh, there's no place like home for the holidays

'Cause no matter how far away you roam

When you pine for the sunshine of a friendly gaze

For the holidays, you can't beat home sweet home

Whether or not you’re familiar with the lyrics of the classic Perry Como song “Home for the Holidays,” the message of coming home is a powerful one, especially this time of year. Decorating and preparing a feast there, gathered together with those nearest and dearest to you, is a priceless yet simple joy.

And in the spirit of the season, we here at Trilogy wanted to spread some more of it by sharing one of our new Palisades Homes. See how you could turn a semi-custom house built by us into a home that makes every gathering feel sweet.

Give yourself the gift of choice

When you pick a semi-custom Palisades Home, you’ll be gifted with many choices to create the perfect space. You can bring your own plot of land to build on, then the fun really begins as you start making selections.

Start by selecting one of our three floorplans to best fit your needs. Then, we have four different home styles to choose from: Farmhouse, Modern, Coastal, or Tuscan. But one of the best parts about our Palisades Homes is you don’t have to stick to those options if you’re starting at the beginning of the building process. Think of them as just a jumping-off point—our process allows you to customize the selections to ensure your home feels like you.

Check out how Trilogy blended elements from these four different styles to create this beautiful, unique home:

Step into a new home 

If you would rather have a brand new home without going through the designing or building process, you also have the option to purchase a home where Trilogy has already bought the land, done all the building, and made the selections, like the one in the photos below. 


  • Doors: A craftsman-style front door welcomes residents and guests alike. We coordinated this color to play well with the warm-hued walnut garage door and its design. A complementary front door and garage door with the same design creates cohesion from the outside. Don’t have the budget or the desire for real wood? We get it—these doors are actually metal made to look like wood! And if you’d prefer to make your own selections, you can choose the doors most suitable for your home.
  • Lighting: Simple but modern, the lighting for this home offers distinct possibilities. The lanterns in this home reflect a contemporary sensibility with a hint of European flair, while the black barn light sconces give it a slightly more country feel. And if you’d rather go semi-custom, Trilogy can help you in finding the right design to provide both safety and style for your residence. 
  • Rocks: Stonework gives a rustic touch to the design, and the mixed tones in the Aspen Southern Ledgestone we chose for this house work well with both neutral and gray paint hues.
  • Trim: A slightly darker gray than the exterior finish called Pompeii Ruin was chosen to complement both the white and gray base colors as well as the stonework. Picking a dark trim as opposed to a bright white trim can really make a difference in the look of the house, and if you decide to make your own selections, you’ll have control over what it ends up being. 
  • Paint: We tied the entire exterior design together by picking neutral but sophisticated exterior paint and stone colors, creating just the right look. Stonegate is a great “almost white” shade to start with, which really pops against the trim and stonework. Gray hues have been a popular pick for years now, and the Subway shade pairs just as well. If you end up going with a semi-custom home, you can mix and match these options to see how they come together to create stunning color combinations for your home.


This is a great example of stepping outside the box of our usual home styles. We’ve blended a few features in this kitchen to create a special look, pairing black fixtures with warm, weathered woods and a backdrop of calming neutral tones. It’s one of the many ways we can make your house feel like home, whether you choose your own selections, or enlist Trilogy to pick out a beautiful design for you.

  • Cabinets: These cabinets were done in the color Evermore, with its warm, ashy hues providing a strong backdrop for the kitchen. 
  • Sink: For the sink, we chose the popular Carmella, with veining that echoes the gray exterior hues, providing a through-line for the design.
  • Countertops: Trilogy used a popular quartz countertop from MSI brand to complement the cream, gray, and other neutral hues. 
  • Backsplash: We chose a simple white herringbone patterned tile to pop against the smoky shade of the cabinets. 
  • Fixtures: The black sink fixtures add some drama, coordinating with the other black hardware. However, we ended up picking a stainless steel dishwasher to match a stainless steel fridge, which is often much more available and budget-friendly.
  • Lighting: Glass pendant lights echo the design of the similar chandelier, making every corner of the kitchen design feel cohesive.

Receive a  festive homecoming 

What style would you call this home? We’d love to hear your thoughts! And if you’re ready for a new house to come home to, reach out to Trilogy and find out about our Palisades Homes and easy True Quote process. It’s just one of the many ways we can help you get the house you want at a price you can afford. Contact us to learn more!

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