Construction Timeline

Before we build, you’ll get a personalized building construction timeline.

We’ve all heard the stories.

“Hopefully by Christmas.”
“Supposed to be next week.”
“My truck broke down, might be a few days delayed.”

Oof! Skip the stress of vague building timelines and work with Trilogy! After the permits are pulled and you’re ready for us to begin, we’ll create a printable, color-coded time schedule for you.

You'll always know what comes next

The time schedule ensures you know what’s going on, when it will happen, where everyone is, and whether the project is progressing as planned. It also helps you pace yourself so you don’t feel you need to decide everything at once. We want you to have that peace of mind that comes from knowing what comes next.

Want to join the crew?

We’d love to have you on site. Together, we’ll take a look at the timeline and schedule some times for you to work alongside us.

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