Should I Build or Buy?

You’ve made the decision and the time is right: you’re ready for a new home. While building and Trilogy go together like butter and popcorn, we recognize building is not always the best choice based on your goals. We encourage you to consider these questions in your quest for a new home.

Review your goals

The first step in choosing your next home is to determine what kind of investment you want to make.

Goal: Flip the property in a year

Recommendation: Buy
In Butte County right now (2021), the cost to build a new home will be more than you can sell it for.

Goal: Sell in 7 Years

Recommendation: Talk to Us
Right between a long and short-term home? Give us a call! We can help talk you through options and give you a better idea of where you’ll get the most for your money.

Goal: Forever or long-term home

Recommendation: Build
A custom home you’ll love and enjoy for many years will likely be worth the investment.

Determine your priorities

For some people, good bones (like solid construction, good lot location, etc.) are key. For others, it’s a kitchen that would make your friends Kelly Moore Succulent Garden Green with envy. Once you identify your must-haves, you’ll have a better understanding of costs and can make your build-or-buy decision more easily.

Confirm insurance policies

Before you build or buy, be sure to understand what kind of coverage your insurance will offer.

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