Easy Holiday Home Decoration Ideas

No matter your budget, Trilogy has a style for you!

‘Tis the season! Are you ready to deck your halls and be jolly? While some folks are already feeling the festive spirit of the season and have been finished decorating since September, others are just getting started. 

Whether you’re looking for fresh inspiration or just haven’t yet found the right style, budget, and firewise items, we’ve got ideas for you. Follow us in merry measure as Trilogy shares some of our top tips for decorating your home this winter. 

Pick a theme or a color scheme

The first thing to do is to solidify your style for the season. Not sure where to start? Take a look at your existing architecture, and identify the type of design. For example, if you have a farmhouse interior, consider a country Christmas theme with quaint table runners, rustic wooden bowls, and fresh fruit centerpieces. If your home is ultra-modern, you can mix and match eras and opt for a uniform color scheme instead. Go classic with hues of red, white, and green, or mix metallic hues with icy blues to fit the frosty weather. 

Find a focal point

The next step is to determine your home’s best feature and turn it into the main attraction. Got a great mantle? Make it the star of the show by decorating it with a fresh holiday-themed painting, garlands, stockings, stars, or a line of lanterns. How about a striking staircase? Let it be the showstopper, complete with weaving garlands or strings of beads. 

Decorate on a budget

If you’re looking for frugal festivities this year, it’s still possible to have great decor without breaking the bank. Vintage items are very on-trend, so hang up grandma’s elf-printed tea towels. Repurpose previous year’s items, like taking an artificial door wreath and turning it into a table centerpiece surrounded by votives. Go old-school and thread popcorn on a string for garlands, or use a brass bowl filled with pinecones as coffee table decor. Grab a roll of velvet ribbon in a holiday hue and tie it around chairs, staircase rungs, and other items. Your festive spirit can shine no matter what you use!

Choose firewise decor

To tree, or not to tree? It’s often the question when thinking of fire safety around the holidays. If you’re going for an artificial tree, choose ones labeled fire-resistant. If you’re choosing a natural one, opt for a fresh, green tree kept well-watered. And remember: keep both fresh and artificial trees away from heat sources like fireplaces, wood stoves, heating vents, etc. Use lights instead of candles, and make sure they’ve been tested and inspected before you plug them in. If you’re hanging lights outside, be sure to keep them away from dry foliage and have them complement a firewise landscaping design. Finally, if you’re buying paper decorations like cut-out snowflakes, choose those labeled non-combustible or flame-resistant, and keep them away from warm lights, candles and other heat sources.

No matter what style of decor you choose, Trilogy ho-ho-hopes you have a wonderful holiday filled with all the joy and magic of the season. And if you need us for custom or semi-custom home construction, we’re happy to help. Contact us here and we’ll get started on making your dreams a reality.

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