Get Ready for Back-to-School with Trilogy’s Home Tips

Got your list of back-to-school supplies for the kids? Check. Watched hundreds of TikTok videos or Reels to find out what kids’ clothes are trending? Check. Found reusable lunch bags adorned with dinosaurs or Barbie? Check. But wait—what about your home?

As you’re rushing to get everything else ready for the first day of school, don’t forget to prepare your residence! Make your house multi-functional so it’s ready for you and your little ones when they come home each day. Wondering how? Luckily, Trilogy is at the top of our class in the school of home tips

Make back-to-school a breeze with these ideas

  • Help your closets multitask. Got an extra storage closet crammed with stuff you’re trying to forget about? Clear it out and convert it to a mini office, complete with a desk (see #11). 
  • Explore alternative desk options. Speaking of desks, there’s a wide variety of styles out there if you don’t want to sit at the kitchen table, especially if you work hybrid or homeschool. Explore mini lap tables or standing desks to find an option to fit your needs. 
  • Consider a hideaway desk. Don’t have the space to dedicate a whole room to your office? Just like Murphy beds, there are Murphy-style desks you can fold up against the wall when not in use, perfect for laptop users or math homework sheets.
  • Utilize all your surfaces for storage. Using a cubby with baskets to store art and school supplies is a go-to strategy for many parents. But if you don’t have the real estate for this, try hanging hooks and woven baskets on the wall with the supplies for a stylish and functional home design. 
  • Grab and go to make mornings easier. Install an entryway table long or wide enough to line up the daily essentials for the kids—homework, lunches, and school projects—so it’s all in one spot and they can just grab them on their way out the door. 
  • Try a mobile workspace. If you or the kids rotate where you do your work, fill a rolling cart with supplies so it can migrate from room to room with ease. 
  • Always search for new ideas! Explore Houzz or Pinterest for even more creative solutions to make your home as functional as it is beautiful!

Ready to ace the new semester?

At Trilogy, we love helping our clients make the most of their living spaces. We’re always happy to share our experience in making functional and kid-friendly houses. If you haven’t yet built your new home, we’d be happy to talk you through suggestions that would work for your family and lifestyle! Contact us to find out how! 

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