Help protect your new home with firewise landscaping!

Butte County is no stranger to beautiful nature views, stunning hikes and waterways, and photo-worthy sunsets. But as heavenly as our little spot in California is, it’s also prone to wildfire. Trilogy builds every home to code or above when it comes to firewise building practices. Once your home is built and we hand you your keys, it’s up to you to ensure your landscaping is as wildfire-resistant as possible. Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind as you plan out your yard:

Give your garden a firewise design

Start by making sure all plants are five feet or more away from the house. Create a defensible space of 100 feet around your property so it can be protected in the event of a wildfire. This means removing all debris, dead branches and shrubs, and other combustible materials. 

Plant firewise plants

Another key point is to plant only firewise plants. Focus on water-rich, native species like the California poppy, manzanita, oaks, yarrow, wild lilac, and yucca. Avoid ultra-flammable plants like eucalyptus, rosemary, bay laurels, and juniper. Many of these have high levels of oils and resin which are extremely flammable. Remember, the goal is to create a beautiful yard less vulnerable to wildfires. 

Choose non-combustible fencing material 

If you’re building a fence, avoid using flammable fencing materials. Instead, opt for non-combustible ones like metal or steel. If you must have a wood fence, make sure it isn’t connected to the house—be sure the five feet of fencing between your home and the rest of the fence is non-flammable material. Fire can spread quickly from a fence to the house. 

Trilogy can recommend firewise building practices

At Trilogy, we’re happy to give advice and recommendations for everything from your design dreams to your doormat. We’ve been experts in our field for over 50 years, and have an abundance of resources and know-how we love to share with our clients. It’s one of the ways we bring our True Quote process to life when building a higher value.

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