Home Builders Playbook

No matter which way you divvy up the French fries, building a home has a lot of steps. Our goal is to help you enjoy the process as much as possible because it has the potential to be a lot of fun (imagine yourself painting that man cave or she shed you’ve been dreaming of!).

The first step to having fun?
Knowing what to expect!

In the link below, you’ll find a clear, simple guide that walks you through our process of:
  • Vision Casting (what does your dream house look like?)
  • Overcoming roadblocks (like permits!)
  • Working with designers and architects
  • Cost estimate and timelines
  • Plan submissions
  • Choosing finishes
  • Job site visits
  • Enjoying your new home!
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Mortgage Calculator

Unless you’ve just won the lottery, you’ll probably have a monthly mortgage payment. Use this calculator to help anticipate what your costs might be with the home you want to build.

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