Home Design Deep Dive: Part 1

When it comes to building a higher value, “life hacks” are an easy way to increase the quality of your build and the way you live your life in your new home. Simply put, these are design suggestions created to make your everyday life easier. From storage solutions to efficient design, there are so many ways to make your new home outstanding. Join us on a Design Deep Dive to explore some of the top tips and tricks to take homes from being functional to fabulous. 

When it comes to usage, it’s no surprise the kitchen is the most important room in the house.

It does double-duty as a workspace to craft meals and a gathering place for friends and family. As a social and culinary hub, it needs to be laid out well and look good, too. 

And one of the biggest enemies of efficiency is counter clutter. 

You probably know what we’re talking about: how toaster ovens, coffee machines, and other appliances come home to roost on the countertops for good, taking up valuable real estate which could be used for meal prep. Not only do they eat up space, some assortments can look like a garage sale, ruining the look of a carefully planned kitchen design. 

Enter the Appliance Cabinet. 

This life hack hides unsightly and bulky appliances like Kitchen-Aid mixers and more in their own dedicated cabinet. Don’t want to haul them in and out? They can rest on a moveable shelf which ascends and descends as needed. It will keep them clean and out of sight, allowing your kitchen design to take center stage and shine. These “appliance garages” are perfect for seniors, too, since it eliminates the need for stooping or lifting. Whether stored in a cabinet or combined with the moveable shelf, it’s a great design solution for those wanting to “age in place” in their home. 

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