Home Design Deep Dive: Part 3

Whether you’ve been following our Design Deep Dive series or visiting for the first time, Trilogy is excited to present our final life hacks tip. Since we started our business in 1967, we’ve collected design ideas to help make homes more functional. Our top suggestions range from creative kitchen layout tweaks to storage solutions. We love passing these on to our clients! 

Did you know almost 40% of Americans use a self-storage facility to store their possessions?

Whether it’s for furniture or appliances, more and more people are turning to self-storage. This trend is rising in popularity and is an indication many people don’t have enough storage space in their homes. 

Wishing you had more room for your stuff?

Trilogy can help you maximize the space in your home to include more storage ideas. For example, one of our top suggestions is to utilize the space underneath staircases for storage. Shelving, cabinets, and other design elements can be included to organize and store items. And If you don’t have a staircase, Trilogy can incorporate built-in cabinets and other smart storage solutions into your home design. 

If you think you need more storage solutions, contact Trilogy today. We can sit down with you to create an efficient home which works for your life. Find peace of mind in design with Trilogy! 

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