Should you build with home trends or timelessness in mind?

Trilogy tackles the great home style debate: a fashionable vs. timeless look

"Don't change to fit the fashion, change the fashion to fit you" - Inescapable Beauty

What do you want your house to say about you? If you’re building a new home, you may be torn between choosing timeless or ultra-trendy picks for the overall style. So how do you decide? And if you decide to take the advice in the quote above and select whatever fits you, how do you know what exactly that is? Find out by reading our home trends vs. classic style questionnaire below. 

Find your style: new home trends vs. timeless style

Ready to learn more about your design needs? Here are some questions to ask yourself before making any decisions.

How long will you be in the house? 

If you plan to be there for decades, you might want to opt for a classic style that stands the test of time. However, if you’re looking at less than 10 years in your new home, you might consider going with fun, trendy picks. 

Do you want to sell sooner, or later? 

If you’re selling sooner, a current look is often appealing for buyers. But if you’re going to sell a decade or later, the fashionable looks of today can appear dated tomorrow—so you’re better off choosing what you love (go for that cool flooring!). 

What kind of lifestyle do you have? 

Do you have a busy, active family life with no time to keep up with yearly trends? Then a classic look might be for you. But if you’re a single, social butterfly already planning the big housewarming bash, you might want to go for a chic current design—especially if you thrive on changing your look with the seasons. 

What sort of layout do you need? 

Again, consider your household and whether it would benefit from focusing on form and function instead of fashion—or both! For example, open kitchens are de rigueur at the moment but aren’t practical for those who prefer to hide their cooking messes behind walls. 

What’s your budget? 

Do you have lots of disposable income to dedicate to switching up your style as trends come and go? Or are you on a tight budget and need to invest in a classic style that will look good for a long time? 

Will this trend age well? 

Ever stepped into a home with faux wood paneling and shag carpets—and cringed? Believe it or not, those were uber-trendy once upon a time. Now, not so much. So if you’re going with a certain trend, try to think ahead a few years and see if it will hold up. Many of these trends (looking at you, avocado countertops) are also tricky and costly to replace, so choose your picks wisely! 

Tie-breaker: Trendy and timeless tips

Want to have the best of both worlds? You can still be on-trend without making expensive decisions that will date the house. Invest in a statement piece of furniture, a stylish area rug, or something equally easy to replace when it becomes dated. Ditto for fashionable paint hues, hardware, and lighting fixtures. It’s easier to change a paint color (or fun wallpaper!) than it is to put in a wall, so look for simple and relatively inexpensive options you can swap to make when they’re past their style expiry date. 

Pick the right style for your lifestyle

Choosing a new home style is a big decision both personally and financially, so it’s important to consider how you want to build your house. Identify your long-term and short-term goals for homeownership. And after reading through Trilogy’s questionnaire, hopefully you’ve gotten some insight into whether or not you should go with new home trends or a classic look—or a happy marriage of both! If you’re ready to enlist the help of a home builder with over 50 years of experience, contact us today. 

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