Trilogy’s Savvy Summer House Maintenance Checklist

The top tasks to keep your home in tip-top shape

School’s out, and you know what’s in? Summer house maintenance! While it may feel like you just got done with spring cleaning, it’s equally important to take care of certain chores this season, too. Tackle them before the dog days of summer set in and your motivation deflates like a duck-shaped pool floatie in the heat. Why? Doing these critical tasks can help maintain your home’s value, safety, and enjoyment year-round. 

Trilogy’s Summer House Maintenance Checklist 

The phrase “summer cleaning” might not be the first thing you think of when planning fun activities this time of year. But it’s just as important as your Pickleball championship game, promise! And luckily, Trilogy’s put together a short list of the greatest seasonal home maintenance tips so you don’t have to. 

In addition to helping your home look and perform its best for years to come, these tips could even save you money! Feeling inspired now? We’ve divided them into indoor and outdoor areas, so you can focus on each one at your own pace. Grab your favorite cleaning and repair supplies, and get ready to go! 


Check your exterior dryer vent for debris. Remove any so your machine can work more efficiently and use less energy (saving you money!). Also, too much lint buildup there can start fires, so it’s an important safety task to do regularly. 

Give your yard some summer-loving care! Weed and remove any dry vegetation so plants have room to breathe and grow. 

Check the sealants around your windows and doors. Proper seals help keep the cool air in and lower your AC costs.

Repair, stain, or paint your decks and patios. This will improve their appearance and make them safer for everyone this season. 

Fix your fences. Keep pets and people in, and wild critters out. 

Mend window screens. Fix any holes to keep pesky pests from sneaking indoors. 

Maintain your pool. Clogged pumps can lead to all kinds of water damage and plumbing issues, not to mention a breeding ground for mosquitos!  

Outdoor Pro Tips: 

✔️ Pick water-wise, drought-friendly, fire-safe plants for your yard. Avoid planting ones that require oodles of water! 

✔️ Be water-smart. Don’t water at 1 p.m. during the hottest part of the afternoon when it’ll immediately evaporate. Give your plants a good drink in the morning instead. 

✔️ Technology is your friend! Install water-saving devices to automatically save water and money. Also, ensure there are no drips or leaks since they can damage wood, flooring, and insulation. You’ll save money on your water bill, and you won’t need to set reminders to water, especially if you use a timing system. 


Change water filters. Remember, we drink more in the summer when it’s hot! Make sure the H2O you’re sipping is clean and clear. 

Clean your kitchen oven vent and bathroom fans. This will keep them running smoothly when in use and help prevent breakdowns. 

Clean your lint trap in your dryer. It’ll run better and save energy and money on electric bills.

Clean your washing machine. Yes, even the machines cleaning your clothes need a good clean from time to time! Run a hot cycle with a cup of vinegar to get rid of grime, and then wipe the inside down when it’s done. 

Clean your dishwasher. Remove mold and mildew from the inside with a damp cloth and clean food residue from the filter. And similar to the washing machine, you can run an empty cycle with a glass dish full of cleaning vinegar. 

Dust your ceiling fans. Clean the blades so they’re not moving dust around the room when in use. 

Indoor Pro Tips:

✔️ Shut the blinds and windows in the morning to keep the cool air in. Bonus: this tactic also protects your carpet, floors, and furniture from sun damage! 

✔️ Consider getting window tinting and UV protection for your windows to keep more of the sun’s harmful rays out. 

Keep Your Home Healthy

Dedicate a day (or two!) to these summer house maintenance tasks, and you’ll be set for the season. Then you can get back to the business of BBQing, sipping raspberry lemonade, and watching some of Butte County’s stunning sunsets from your backyard. And if you want expert advice for building a new custom or semi-custom home, contact us at Trilogy. We’re always happy to share our 50+ years of experience in the industry with our clients! 

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