True Quote

You deserve to know exactly how much your home will cost.

Best case scenario: Surprise costs are like finding out you have an extra essay question to write or a last-minute dinner party. Annoying, but doable. Worst-case scenario? You simply can’t afford them, or you take on unexpected debt.
We believe you should know exactly how much your home will cost and pay exactly that much once it’s complete.

The Trilogy True Quote process gives you an exact budget, so you get what you want at the price you can afford.

Once we give you a final quote, we’ll stick to it. Even if the price of a 2x4 costs more than a new pair of Nikes, we won’t change the price. If you decide to add an upgrade, we’ll add that to the budget, but cost changes will only come from you--never from Trilogy.
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How do you come up with a True Quote?

Before we touch a hammer or hard hat, we sit down with you to build your project on paper.
1. Your architect completes the plans
2. You select your interior finishes
3. Subcontractors evaluate your plans and deliver bids
4. We estimate materials, labor, and fees
5. We assemble costs for all of the above
6. Together, we make final budget adjustments

In your final True Quote, you’ll get a detailed explanation for all costs, including exactly what we calculate for our contractor fee.

Best of all? Let’s say that drywall work was estimated at $900. It ended up costing only $750. Many contractors will keep the change (usually called “allowances”). Not with Trilogy. You work hard for your money, and our True Quote process ensures your final bill will be $150 less.

You keep the savings.

We can’t wait to build you a home you love at a price you can afford. Call Trilogy today to find YOUR True Quote started.
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