What Is Farmhouse Style?

This country trend works in the big city and beyond

Just say the word “farmhouse,” and it conjures images of shiplap walls, whitewashed wood, and well-loved furniture. Cozy comfort is the hallmark of farmhouse style. It’s one of the most welcoming design choices out there, encouraging guests to sit for a spell and stay awhile. Adorned with beautiful basics like slip-covered sofas, rustic wooden tables, and woven baskets, it harkens back to simpler times. 


Ever wonder where farmhouse style came from? If you guessed from actual farmhouses, you’re right! This design goes way back across the pond to Europe in the 16th and 17th centuries. Farmhouses were built to shelter farmers and were made from readily available local materials like wood. They were designed to have big kitchens for cooking and equally large porches to sit on and unwind after a day spent on the land. Later, farmhouse style migrated to America and has grown in popularity thanks to home renovation and design shows. 

Color choices

In this design style, neutrals are key. The farmhouse aesthetic relies on soft, muted hues like white, cream, beige, and light gray. The exception is the time-tested combo of black and white. Many farmhouse followers opt for black hardware along with black doors and windows to make a statement. Otherwise, subtle hints of color can be introduced through decor, furniture choices and textiles like quilts. 


Natural materials rule this roost. Think straw baskets, cotton slipcovers on furniture, and well-loved marble side tables. A rustic wood farmhouse table is the heart of any country kitchen, and other wood accents tie rooms together. 

Modern Farmhouse Style

One of the best parts about farmhouse style is you don’t have to live on a farm (or even in the countryside!) to decorate with this finish. It’s easy to take traditional elements and modernize them to work in both rural and urban environments. 

When you’re thinking about choosing selections for your custom or semi-custom home with Trilogy, here are some of the most popular elements of a Farmhouse finish:

  • Black appliances
  • White walls and cabinetry
  • Organic natural wood, marble, and linen
  • Wooden farm doors
  • Decorative paneling like shiplap
Palisades Homes

Thinking about building a semi-custom home with Farmhouse style? At Trilogy, you’ll find all of these features and more in our Palisades Homes Farmhouse Finish. And just in case you want to explore other styles, our Palisades Homes line offers three other design styles: Coastal, Modern, and Tuscan. If you want Farmhouse style in a custom home, ask us how to incorporate it into the design and selection choice. 

Ready to do some house homework for your future Palisades home? Trilogy is happy to help! Contact us here today to learn more about the design styles for our semi-custom homes. 

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