Why Trilogy

The Trilogy philosophy

We believe the “key” to turning a house into a home is honesty, transparency, and family.

Maybe that sounds cheesy (pepper jack, if anybody’s asking), but it’s true. A home isn’t just a place to store your new bbq or sleep at night. It’s the place you bring home an old pup from the shelter, the place where newlyweds hang their first pictures, the place grandfathers read stories to the babies on warm summer evenings.

A house becomes a home when family fills its walls and trust is mixed in with the cement. It is an honor for us to help you come home, and we will treat you like family every step of the way.

Returning home should be an enjoyable process

We don’t want stress or fear to stop you from rebuilding. Throughout the entire process, we’ll walk you through every step, from confusing permits to picking out paint samples to final inspections. If our mommas were rebuilding (actually, some of them did!), we’d want them to have a sidekick at every step — and that’s the exact treatment you’ll get from us.

Our standards are extremely high

Trilogy is constantly looking for ways to raise the quality of a build or remodel. We hope that our actions and relationships will set an example that contractors can be fair and trustworthy. When we give our word to clients, subcontractors, or the community, we stick to it. We build in the community where we live, so we’re invested in its success.

Our Expertise

Trilogy Construction brings over 50 years of building experience to the Ridge

Since 1967, the Bolin family has been building a higher value for our neighbors in Paradise and the surrounding towns. Being committed to our community means we've built more homes and commercial properties than we can count!

We’ve seen it all—and we pass that knowledge on to you

If it’s been dreamed-of, dealt with, or done up right, Trilogy has experienced it. We know what roadblocks to anticipate and how to help you get over them. We share our suggestions on what we think will bring the most joy to your home and the most return on your investment.

And, of course, we help you look for the life hacks!

Like to bake? Consider a lift-up storage design for your mixer. Do you put hot pans on the counter? Quartz will crack, so try granite or marble. Lots of electronics? Let’s discuss outlet location and convenience. Do you like to load the dishwasher to the left or right? We’ll install it on your favorite side.

“This is how I’d build my own house."
…Says every Trilogy team member on the job.

Whatever you're building...

Let's do it together.
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